Take a Moment to Breathe

In our incredibly fast-paced society we can easily get caught up in the ‘go, go, go’ mentality. Take  a few conscious decisions throughout your day  to pause and take a moment with yourto breath  consciously. There are many fantastic breathwork  resources on the web.

Move and Exercise

We all know we need to prioritise moving every day, especially with sedentary jobs and Lucy is loving  getting back into swimming at her local leisure  centre. Her tip is to invest in good goggles and watch a YouTube video on how to swim properly. She  also recommends Caroline Circuits, Strength Classes  and weight sessions (@carolinescircuits) on  instagram and ‘Fit for a Fiver’ AV Live Fitt training  sessions run on Zoom, at 7 am Mon & Weds am  and 8 am on a Saturday. Both are easy to do from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a mat, water and Wi-Fi!

Contact: avlivefitt@yahoo.com | Tel: 07775 600122



Daily Juicing

An easy way to up your intake of fruit and vegetables is to start to juice everyday, our favourite  is apple, carrot and fresh ginger! Alternatively, take  a look at the Ginger Juicer (thegingerjuicer.com), who has amazing juices and programmes to sign up to.

Ditch the Diet  

Most diets don’t work for the long run, so save yourself the stress and instead perhaps try a Detox and just cut out sugar, coffee and alcohol and reset your body a little. You could try intermittent fasting (where you don’t eat for between 12-16hrs), or just remember the basics and eat three well balanced meals a day, avoiding any form of snacking (easier said than done… we know!)


Take Care of your Gut

It is now widely recognised that our gut has an impact on your total body health. To support it, try and eat as much fibre as possible in the form of a wide range of vegetables and grains. Try some fermented foods and drinks which contain probiotics – friendly bacteria, and take a daily probiotic on an empty stomach (we recommend Symprove).


As well as eating as many different varieties of fruit and vegetables as possible, don’t forget to supplement with Vitamin D and Vitamin C during these darker winter months and Zinc to help you ward off any infections and a good B Complex and Omega 3.

Reduce your Waste

Why not get into batch cooking and home freezing? Make healthy soups and stews ensuring you use up all your produce in the fridge before it goes off. Take a look at apps like Olio and Too Good to Go who find and collect surplus food from neighbours or restaurants for discounted prices.