Our Indian Family has played an incremental role in our journey, and we wouldn't be where we are without them.

Hand block printed in Jaipur, each unique design is crafted using hand carved wooden blocks and sustainable slow techniques.

No two blocks are the same

Block printing is one of the earliest methods of textile printing, with some of the first examples dating back to 868AD. While this ancient artisan craft has been passed down through generations, to fully master the art and become a skilled printer takes years of training.

The intricate process of block printing, requires each individual block to be carved by hand. No two blocks are identical, as each colour requires a new block to be carved (even if it uses the same design). This means the patterns on our pieces are entirely unique.

Each block is carved by skilled craftsmen, taking up to 20 days to carve the blocks required for just one print.

It takes up to three days to prepare just one print

The finest organic cotton is sent to our facility, and prepared for cutting. Due to the intricate nature of the process, rather than printing hundreds of metres at a time, our fabric is printed in small batches of three metres, ensuring less waste and impact on the environment.

All of the dyes are handmixed and can take up to 3 days to prepare for just one print. The colours become more vibrant in sunlight, which poses a challenge during the rainy season.

We are saying no to fast fashion

Each seamstress works on one full one garment at a time rather than only working on one small section on a production line, which helps control the print placement and gives the seamstress ownership of the garment they are working on. In this way we are saying no to fast fashion, and always do everything we can to ensure our production process is as 'slow' as possible.

Doing Right By People

All stages from washing and preparing the raw material to the finished product is done under one family run facility. We are currently working with the 4th generation within the family.

We are honoured to work with a supplier that hires vulnerable women, and people with disabilities that wouldn't have otherwise been easily employed elsewhere.

We value and champion craftsmanship and slow fashion and seek to preserve these techniques. When you buy a block printed piece from us you are supporting our mission of 'doing right by people' and 'supporting positive change'.

The final Product

Billie-Dress-Daliya-Buta-BlueBillie-Dress-Daliya-Buta-Blue Also available in a petite length
Billie-Regular-Length-Dress-Ornate-Flower-Pink-WhiteBillie-Regular-Length-Dress-Ornate-Flower-Pink-White Also available in a petite length
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