We're Proudly B Corp!

Certified B Corporations, or B Corps, are companies verified by B Lab to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

Sustainability has been written into our DNA from day one and we were delighted to achieve B Corporation status in 2022, being one of the first UK fashion brands to have been awarded this status, with a high score of 98.9.

We believe that B Corp is the single most important movement of our time. So, achieving B Corp status felt like a natural step for us as a company.

Certifying to be a B Corp is a comprehensive process, considered to be one of the highest global certifications for business. It goes beyond looking at individual products, instead looking to assess the overall impact of a business and how it operates and the value it creates for its communities.

It goes beyond looking at individual products...

Aspiga is incredibly proud to be part of a global community of likeminded sustainable businesses.

The B Corp movement exists to prove that businesses can be a force for good: that good business can be the norm; and should be the future that we imagine and demand. Adding our voice to this important movement, and becoming B Corp certified has embedded environmental and social practice into our legal business structure, ensuring we consider people and the planet as important as making profit. We believe in the value we can build as a business and place community, customers, environment, governance, and workers at the centre of our success towards a fair and equitable future for all.

We partner with ethical suppliers, use the best sustainable materials and design contemporary collections that are intended to last. We also contribute to the communities where our suppliers operate via charitable community initiatives, a further way in which our business supports positive change.

Good business can be the norm; and should be the future that we imagine and demand.

It doesn’t end now that we have achieved B Corp certification, in fact it is just the beginning for us. It has set in place a constant improvement workflow and process to ensure our score is maintained and improved. We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved but there is always more to do. Every three years Aspiga is reassessed, whereby we undergo the rigorous process to show our continued progress.

For us and our vision, B Corp is a firm step forward in our efforts to lead the global sustainability movement forward in fashion. We need clear goals, collective vision, transparency, and accountability to take us there. We are proud to join this initiative and grow within it.

This follows our wider sustainability efforts and everything else that goes into creating our products and placing Aspiga as a sustainability leader in the field.




"We are absolutely thrilled to be awarded B-Corp status. Now more than ever it is important to prove the value of fashion and business as a force for good. With this accolade and achievement, our work is not over, we further double down our efforts to demonstrate that purpose-led business can and should be the future that we imagine.”

Founder of Aspiga