We are proud of where our story began and where we are now. By shopping at Aspiga, you are investing in ethical and sustainable fashion, investing in pieces that are made to the highest quality and are designed to last. Read on to find out more about our story, as told by our Founder, Lucy.

We launched Aspiga!

Expanded to India

We launched our clothing collection

Eliminated plastic in our own packaging

Opened our first store

Achieved B Corp Certification

I knew I had found something truly special, that I wanted to share with the world...

Our story began whilst I was on holiday in Kenya in 2005. I was awestruck by the artistry and craftsmanship of the beautiful hand-beaded sandals, intricately adorned belts, and bold, bright jewellery made by the locals.

Inspired, I spent the following year designing and developing a sandal and belt collection with a supplier I met there. After launching the collection in 2006 at Top Drawer, in London, the sandals and belts were snapped up by 40 stockists, including Fenwick of Bond Street. Thrilled by this response, I made the hard decision to leave the charity I was working for at the time and focus full-time on building Aspiga.

Craftsmanship and sustainability remain at the heart of our production process

The success of our sandals fueled my ambition to venture beyond Kenyan borders and expand the product range to include clothing. Craftsmanship and sustainability remain at the heart of our production process. We have been able to design and create contemporary, stylish, and timeless clothing for women and men using natural and organic materials.

Throughout our journey, we have remained deeply connected to our roots and committed to giving back to the communities that inspired us. With the support of our loyal customers, we have been able to initiate various social responsibility programs, supporting education, infrastructure development, and entrepreneurial opportunities in Kenya and India. Learn more about our charitable initiatives here.




Achieving B Corp certification was the natural step forward

We were honoured to become B Corp certified in 2022. Adding our voice to this important movement, has embedded environmental and social practice into our legal business structure, ensuring we consider people and the planet as important as making profit. The certification is a natural step forward for us as a brand, and we are incredibly proud to be part of a global community of likeminded businesses.

By joining this movement we are working to show that the value of business is not just about creating profit, but doing so with care and attention to all that are impacted along the way. It is in everything we have done up until now and built to this point, and this is only just the beginning.

We believe that B Corp is the single most important movement of our time.

“I am proud to say that as on day one, ethical trading is still at the heart of the business..”

Founder of Aspiga