At Aspiga, we are committed to sustainability, and it’s at the forefront of every collection we create. All of our Merino Wool has been certified by Pure New Wool, ensuring it has been responsibly sourced, giving you the confidence that your new knitwear is made of natural, renewable and biodegradable wool.


By choosing certified yarns, we continue to encourage sustainable farming practices, with a focus on training for wool shearers in Australia. From fibre to yarn, our processes meet the highest standards, ensuring we never have to compromise on quality.

"Merino, in my view, is the new Cashmere as it is super soft, environmentally friendly and has amazing properties..." - Lucy, Founder of Aspiga.


100% biodegradable, super soft, naturally breathable and hypoallergenic, Merino Wool's active fibres help you stay warm in the cold and keep cool in the heat.

A little known fact is that Merino Wool wicks moisture away from the skin, making it a brilliant base layer, whether you find yourself on the slopes, or closer to home. Because of its odour repelling properties, your favourite knit will stay fresher for longer, meaning more wears between washes, lower maintenance, and a better choice for the planet.


As much as we love the feeling of a brand new piece of clothing, we at Aspiga also encourage you to look after your favourite staples and extend their lifecycle year after year.

Notwithstanding what the care label says, gentle hand-washing at a cool temperature is always advised. Drying flat on a towel, and avoiding hangers helps to prolong the wear of your favourite jumpers. Learn more about how to care for garment here.

On top of that, we suggest using our knitwear comb to keep your Aspiga jumpers free of piling, ensuring your cosy pieces will be bobble free and looking fabulous for longer. Find out more about our knitwear comb here.

And as all good things eventually come to an end, rest assured Merino Wool's biodegradable fibres can be composted, avoiding landfill and aligning with our sustainability pillar: Doing Right By The Planet.


Merino Wool
Cali Jumper | Red/Cream Merino Wool
Cali Jumper | Red/CreamCali Jumper | Red/Cream Merino Wool
Merino Wool
Cali Jumper | Blue/Cream Merino Wool
Cali Jumper | Blue/CreamCali Jumper | Blue/Cream Merino Wool
Merino Wool
Cali Jumper | Navy/Cream Merino Wool
Cali Jumper | Navy/CreamCali Jumper | Navy/Cream Merino Wool
Merino Wool
Cali Jumper | Navy/Orange Merino Wool
Cali Jumper | Navy/OrangeCali Jumper | Navy/Orange Merino Wool