Lucy's Trip To Kenya: Back Where It All Began

 In 2005, Kenya became more than just a destination for our founder Lucy—it marked the birthplace of Aspiga's journey. Inspired by local artisans, Lucy collaborated with a supplier to create a sandal and belt collection, sparking a passion for sustainable fashion. Since then, we've been committed to giving back to Kenya through education and entrepreneurship programs.

Lucy’s recent trip reaffirmed our dedication and inspired fresh ideas for our 2025 collection. She participated in the monthly Beach Clean initiative, working with 12 school children and our sandal supplier to promote education and environmental stewardship. This effort is part of our broader mission to foster a culture of sustainability in the community.  Learn more about our Kenyan Family here.

Lucy's recent trip was more than just business—it was a chance to reconnect with our valued suppliers, like Kalonzo and Eunice, who play a vital role in crafting our products. Our partnership with Kalonzo spans over 15 years, reflecting our commitment to nurturing his business growth. Meanwhile, Eunice, our sandal supplier, has been with us since her entrepreneurial journey began a decade ago at just 23 years old.

To brave the Kenyan heat, Lucy wore our Lenu Maxi Dress in Cobalt, made from viscose crinkle fabric—a wardrobe essential that combines style and comfort, ideal for any adventure.

Additionally, Lucy paired our vibrant Ilana top with our Becks and Bea skirts. Crafted from lightweight organic cotton, these separates offer unrivaled comfort and packability, making them essential for any journey. Shop our separates collection here.

During her time in Kenya, Lucy also took the opportunity to visit Bluebells School, a rural primary school situated near our Kenyan suppliers, catering to 150 children. Our ongoing support includes funding the salaries of teachers annually, ensuring access to education for children who might not have had the opportunity otherwise.

For her visit to Bluebells, Lucy opted for our Tabitha Dress, a refined sundress crafted from lightweight organic cotton. Its comfortable design and flared skirt make it perfect for navigating the heat.

  We take immense pride in our commitment to supporting beach cleanups since 2019. In Kenya, a team consisting of 12 school children and our sandal supplier dedicate their time to participate in a monthly beach clean in Malindi. In exchange, Aspiga covers their school fees. Beyond the cleanup efforts, they actively engage with the community, inspiring others in the village to care for their environment.

What initially began as a means to raise awareness for World Water Day has evolved into a regular initiative, not only in Kenya but also near our UK stores and amongst our HQ team in London. Read more about our Beach Cleans here

We are thrilled to exhibit our latest Spring/Summer 2024 designs, shot against the stunning backdrop of Kenya's picturesque landscapes.

From the sprawling savannahs to the lush coastal shores, each location served as a perfect canvas to highlight the elegance, comfort and versatility of our designs.

Whether it was the breezy sophistication of our organic cotton floaty dresses or the laid-back charm of our relaxed separates, each outfit seamlessly blended style with comfort, perfect for feeling comfortable in the heat.

Explore our collection showcasing What Lucy Wore in Kenya.

 In true Aspiga style, we have some sustainable tips for if you ever find yourself in Kenya, a hotspot for Safaris and wildlife tours:

 Choose Eco-Friendly Accommodations: Opt for accommodations that have been certified by organisations like Ecotourism Kenya or recognised for their sustainable practices. These establishments often use renewable energy sources, minimise water usage, and support local conservation efforts.

Support Community-Based Tourism: Look for tour operators that work closely with local communities, providing economic opportunities and supporting cultural preservation. This ensures that your money will contribute directly to the well-being of local people.

We hope you enjoyed our blog about Lucy's visit to Kenya and what outfits Lucy chose to pack for the heat. Wherever your next adventure takes you, enjoy it and don't forget to shop our new SS24 collection here.
Aspiga x