Postcards from Jaipur: Our Block Print Story

 Block printing is one of the earliest methods of textile printing, dating back to 868AD. This ancient artisan craft has been passed down through generations and requires years of dedicated training. Our block print story is one of tradition, as our artisans pour their hearts into each piece, infusing it with the essence of centuries-old craftsmanship; it's a story of tradition and passion.


 Our Indian family has been instrumental in our journey, embodying the craftsmanship, expertise, and sustainability we seek in a supplier. From the beginning, we’ve committed to partners who share our values, with many of our Indian suppliers remaining by our side, crafting a significant portion of our clothing, sandals, and upcycled accessories. These suppliers are Sedex or SA800 certified, ensuring ethical practices in labor standards, health and safety, environmental impact, and business ethics. Read more about our makers here.

We believe it is important to visit our suppliers to ensure our workers' rights are being upheld and respected, and also to work on ways to improve the quality and fit of our products. Recently we visited our block-print suppliers and were, as always, amazed by the hard work and quality that goes into our designs.

The intricate process of block printing requires each individual block to be carved by hand, taking up to 20 days for just one print. With each color necessitating a new block, no two blocks are identical, making our patterns entirely unique. The finest organic cotton is then prepared for cutting. Due to the detailed nature of the process, we print fabric in small batches of three meters, reducing waste and minimising environmental impact.

Hand-mixed dyes, which can take up to three days to prepare, are used to print our designs, often containing multiple colors and adding to the time-consuming process. The colors are most vibrant when printed in less humid conditions, posing a challenge during the rainy season. Each seamstress works on a full garment, controlling print placement and taking ownership of their work, a stance against fast fashion. From raw material preparation to the finished product, all stages are managed by a family-run facility now in its fourth generation, employing vulnerable women and people with disabilities who might otherwise struggle to find employment. Read more about our Block Print technique here.

Many of our Upcycled Accessories, including our scrunchies and washbags, and our Spring-Summer Dresses use this incredible block print technique.

We value and champion craftsmanship and slow fashion and seek to preserve these techniques. So, when you buy a block printed piece from us you are supporting our mission of 'doing right by people' and 'supporting positive change'. You're not just buying a piece of clothing—you're supporting fair wages and safe working conditions for our artisans. Join us on this adventure of sustainability and style, where each piece is a homage to our skilled and incredibly hard-working artisans. Discover the magic of block print with Aspiga, where luxury meets eco-consciousness in an explosion of colour and creativity.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and immersed ourselves in the Indian culture by tasting local cuisines and visiting hotspots and beautiful dance shows. If you ever find yourself exploring this vibrant city, we highly recommend exploring the bustling flower markets of Jaipur.

We hope you've enjoyed reading about our Block Print Story - click here to read more and click here to shop our Block Print collection.

Aspiga x