Our Story

Our Story

We strive to act in an enlightened manner in order to build an ethical business.

Ten years ago, our director, Lucy Macnamara, fell in love with the craftsmanship she discovered while on holiday in Kenya. Awestruck by the beautiful hand beaded sandals she found the locals making, she knew that she had found something truly special.

Lucy felt that this beautiful artistry needed to be shared with the world. So, she established Aspiga, setting out to stimulate the economies of talented artisans, and provide beautiful, quality, handmade goods to an international customer base.

Each year, we strive to grow our collections, building off from previous years success to create a product line that embraces modern femininity. We love pieces made from natural fibres that feature vibrant colours, with lots of hand embroidered or beaded embellishment.

Today, we are an established travel brand; selling day, evening and beachwear, along with swimwear and accessories. The majority of our product line is our own Aspiga brand, but we can never resist selling some of the wonderful designer brands that Lucy comes across on her travels!

We feel strongly about looking after our suppliers, our customers, our employees and the planet.




We strive to do business in a more enlightened way and to act in an ethical manner, paying our suppliers good prices and helping them with cash flow by paying deposits and paying our bills on time! We ask our suppliers to pay their staff fair wages, to have good working conditions, to treat them with respect and not to employ people under the minimum working age