About Our Packaging


Every choice we make will affect our planet and it’s future. We believe that climate action starts by

making small eco-friendly choices, which is why we package our products in the most sustainable way possible.

It is an evolving goal and we are continually refining our packaging. By sharing our sustainability journey, we hope

to inspire others to become more conscious consumers. If you would like to learn more about our

sustainable packaging and how to responsibly dispose of it then please keep reading.



Paper Mailing Bags

100% Recyclable

To recycle your mailing bag remove any plastic

that may be on the outside or inside of the bag and

place in a paper recycling bin.

Returning your Order

Should you wish to return your item,

please fill in the enclosed Returns Form

and send back to us within 14 days of purchase.

To find out more about returns & refunds please click here.


Please open the bag carefully if you wish to

reuse the bag, or return your order back to us.



We love using paper packaging,

because it fully decomposes unlike plastic,

and therefore it is less likely to be a source of

litter and pose a risk to wildlife.

We also use eco-friendly paper tape!

Cornstarch Garment Bag


Cornstarch Garment Bags


Our new garment bags are made from 100% cornstarch.

Cornstarch is derived from corn kernels (a renewable and sustainable source).


Importantly, these bags are 100% compostable as they are made from vegetables.

They will naturally break down over time (unlike plastic)


They produce no toxin and contain no harmful chemicals (such as polyvinyl chloride or dioxin) associated with conventional plastic.


They also have a very low carbon emission during production compared to conventional plastic production


* Please note we still hold products in our recycled polybags - we will fully convert to cornstarch by 2021


Add the bag to a well

maintained home compost heap

Or use the bag to line

your food waste caddy

Or toss it in your garden

waste or general food waste bin

Do not put in your

plastic recycling

Swing Tags


They're 100% recyclable.

So please dispose of the tag in a paper recycling bin.

Please keep the swing tag attached if you

choose to return your item.



Sandal bags 


We are currently in the process of moving away from all

plastic packaging therefore your Kenyan sandals will

now be sent within a gorgeous, colourful fabric bag.


The bags are made by Elimu Sewing Project in Kenya
which supports young women from vulnerable backgrounds
to pursue a 2-year training program which equips them with
income-generating skills and a sewing trade.
Our Elite sandals are packaged within a lovely canvas Aspiga bag
inside a cardboard box.



Gift Packaging


Coming Soon...

Eco-Friendly Gift Packaging