The Good Web Guide Interview With Lucy Macnamara

The founder of Aspiga, recently dubbed one of the best and most stylish sustainable fashion brands by The Telegraph, talks about her favourite yoga app and Livia Firth.

Inspired by a holiday to Kenya in 2006, Lucy Macnamara set up Aspiga, recently dubbed one of the best and most stylish sustainable fashion brands by The Telegraph. Aspiga started off as a business selling the beautiful hand beaded sandals Lucy had found the locals making. Lucy wanted to share this beautiful artistry with the world and set out to support the talented artisans and bring their wares to an international customer base. Today, Aspiga sells dresses, beachwear and accessories.  

Ethical trading is at the core of all she does for Aspiga. Lucy is working to fight poverty through trade. Before starting Aspiga, Lucy worked on Corporate Social Responsibility for one of HRH The Prince of Wales Charities, called Business in the Community. When it came to setting up her own business, it was important that it would also give back. This summer, Lucy is on a mission to raise awareness on single use plastic and is helping clean up Malindi beach in Kenya; Aspiga pledge to remove a basket of plastic for every pair of Kenya sandals sold during May, June and July 2019.

Here she talks about her favourite yoga app and Livia Firth.

My favourite websites… The BBC Weather and then BBC News.

My favourite app… Tile App - This finds my keys or phone when lost which happens all too regularly. Asana Rebel is a great yoga app that is perfect for when I am travelling.  

My blog of choice… I haven't really got into blogs. I spend too much time on my computer and phone as it is. Having said that, I love the blog written by the gorgeous Tess Montgomery about one of our Aspiga Linen Shirt dresses.

My internet hero… the complete hero that is David Attenborough - He has done such an incredible job educating so many of us on climate change and how plastic is destroying our oceans and marine life. As a result, people around the world are taking action.

My favourite podcasts... How I Built This by Guy Raz - I’m addicted to it. I also Love The High Low  by Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes.

My most recent buy online was… some rather indulgent sunglasses from Liberty London - But I love them and they can be used on our model on photoshoots, so I don't feel so bad!

Book just downloaded/ read... Red Notice: How I Became Putin’s No.1 Enemy by Bill Browder. - It is really interesting and rather scary about life in Russia.

Favourite tweeter… I don't do Twitter, I am afraid.

Favourite instagrammer… It has to be Livia Firth - I love all that she stands for and has achieved. I also love The Wild At Heart Foundation that helps re-home dogs from abroad.

Social media allowed me to meet… Lots of lovely influencers who kindly support the Aspiga brand.

Standout online memory... Online Drapers Magazine’s recent feature on Aspiga

My pet hate online... Influencers who constantly take photos of themselves in bikinis.

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