Introducing Thrift+

Get back when you give back

Who are Thrift+?


Thrift+ is an on-demand donation service that makes it easy, transparent and rewarding to donate your best second-hand clothes to your favourite charity.


Simply order a ThriftBag, fill it up, and it will be collected for free.

As a thank you for donating, we will send you a £10 credit note to spend on the Aspiga collection (for orders over £100).

Why we're partnering with Thrift+


Aspiga's mission has always been to operate with the planet at the forefront of our minds.


Every decision we make is geared towards minimising the impact we have on the planet – as a business and individuals. From our production processes, to the materials and chemicals we use, the packaging we choose and our commitment to reducing and offsetting our carbon footprint, we are always finding new ways to reduce our environmental impact.
This is why we have chosen to partner with Thrift+. It's a great way to give the clothes you don’t wear any more a second life but at the same time, raising money for a charity of your choice.

Thrift+ has a vision to help millions of individuals to turn their unwanted belongings into billions of pounds of funding for worthwhile causes all over the world

How does it work?



Add a ThriftBag to your basket the next time you order from us.
When the bag arrives, scan the QR code to register it online and choose the charity you’d like to support with your donation.
Fill it up with the clothing you no longer want. The bag will contain a leaflet that will detail which types of brands Thrift+ are after. It doesn’t have to be Aspiga – but it’s always great if it is!
Send the bag back to Thrift+ using the free returns service – either by booking a free home collection or drop-off at your local Collect+ store and they’ll then sell what they can on their website.
Plus, as a thank you from us, when Thrift+ receives your bag we’ll send you a £10 credit note to spend on the Aspiga collection (for orders over £100).

With an estimated £140 million worth of clothing going to landfill each year, Thrift+ offers an alternative solution to reduce clothing waste and generate much needed funds for charitable organisations.

About our Thrift+ bags

Our ThriftBags are made from GreenPE, a thermoplastic resin made from sustainably-derived sugar cane that is both renewable and recyclable. Each kilogram of Green PE produced saves 2.78kg of CO2 when compared to the production of conventional fossil-based polyethylene.

Find out more

We’ll put a leaflet in your bag explaining all the above in more detail – but it’s really simple, it’s free and it’s a great way to support circular fashion. To find out more about Thrift+ visit their website