March is B Corp month


What is it, why does it matter and what is Aspiga doing in 2023 to be more sustainable?

As you may have seen on our social channels, March is B Corp month and we wanted to take this opportunity to explain a little more about what that means, why it’s important and what we are doing as a business to be more sustainable in 2023.




What is a B Corp?


Certified B Corporations, or B Corps, are companies verified by B Lab which aim to redefine the role of business within the global economy so that business is a force for good.


Certifying to be a B Corp is a comprehensive process, considered to be one of the highest global certifications for business. It goes beyond looking at individual products, instead looking to assess the overall impact of a business and how it operates, along with the value it creates for its communities.



Why is it important?


Fashion is a notoriously polluting industry and its ethics can be questionable so we were really thrilled to achieve B Corp status in 2022. Many companies apply to become B Corp but only a few make the cut and in the fashion industry, we are one of only a handful of UK fashion brands to have been awarded this status, with a score of 98.9.


By becoming B Corp certified, we have written environmental and social advocacy into our legal business structure, ensuring we consider people and the planet as important as making profit.



‘Sustainability has been woven into our DNA since day one’

Lucy, Founder, Aspiga

For Aspiga, the sustainable agenda is nothing new. The brand was founded in 2006 on a simple idea that fashion can exist to improve lives, lift people up and preserve and protect our natural environment.

“I grew up in a family where recycling was the norm and almost nothing was thrown away. My mother was a war baby and even washed plastic bags to be reused and used old camera roll boxes for seeds, egg shells for slug bait – and the list goes on.

It instilled in me from an early age that resources are limited and that the planet is precious - and we have a responsibility to care for it. I also spent 15 years working for a charity which was all about Corporate Social Responsibility, so when I set up Aspiga, I very much wanted the company to be about giving back, not just about making a profit.” Says Lucy, Aspiga’s Founder.

As the company has grown, we have continuously measured our performance across three commitments: people, planet and supporting positive change. To find out more about Aspiga’s sustainability journey and key achievements in our 2022 Impact Report, click here.



What are our goals in 2023?


Sustainability is very much a journey and we know we are still at the beginning. Each year, we set sustainable business goals and review our progress every 6 months. We wanted to share some of our key ones below and will update on all our goals via our Impact report update in the summer and at the end of 2023.


Even though living a more sustainable life can seem daunting, as an organisation and as individuals, we believe in taking constant small (and some larger) steps to improve.



Doing right by the planet

We are:


Continuing to gain transparency on our Carbon footprint and work towards reducing it by partnering with Future Leap to help us to measure our scope 1 and 2 emissions. They are helping us to calculate our current footprint and advising us on how to reduce and offset it.


Reducing the carbon footprint of Aspiga collections through:

- Increasing our manufacturing options in Europe

- Reducing our manufacturing in Asia and the Far East

- Investigating UK factories for special production runs


Holding monthly meetings with each of our suppliers to source new and innovative fabrics with less impact on the environment.


Improving energy efficiency in our stores and HQ through energy saving and waste management initiatives.


Moving away from conventional couriers to a sustainable alternative such as E-Bikes.


Continuing our Beach Cleans across all sites in the UK, Barbados and Kenya, inviting customers to take part.


Ensuring all packaging for Non Aspiga branded products is 100% plastic free. Since 2019, we have not used plastic in our Aspiga own brand packaging and work with our suppliers and partners to do the same. We continually research the latest sustainable materials and currently use cornstarch, fabric and cassava root. We use paper tape instead of plastic packaging tape.




We are:

Continuing to work with more of our supply base to upcycle any fabric wastage.  

Continuing to fix, wash and and sell at discounted prices some of our faulty products in our Wilton store.

Launching our Repair and Rewear service in our Wilton store, where old Aspiga items can be repaired for a small fee.

Continuing our partnership with Thrift + for customers to donate second hand clothing.

Working with The Cirkel, a fashion resale platform focused on sustainability - sending our samples and old stock and inviting customers to resell Aspiga pieces on their platform.



Doing right by people

We are:

Producing an Aspiga Mental Health Policy for all staff, working closely with the Charlie Waller Trust. Our policy now includes a 24hr counselling helpline for all full time staff.

Creating a sustainable objective for 2023 for every member of staff.

Rolling out staff hardship loans



And finally.. we are thrilled to have won numerous awards for our work to date on sustainability. Last year, we were awarded the following:


B Corporation status with a score of 98.9, making us one of the top five highest-ranking UK fashion brands

Sustainability Winner at the Drapers Independents Awards

CO10 (Common Objective) Leadership Award

Finalist Womenswear Brand of the Year Drapers Awards

Finalist Brand of the Year Drapers Sustainable Fashion Awards