Top Tips for a Lockdown Garden Party

Easing lockdown restrictions means small garden parties are back, and we've put together the perfect ideas to help you celebrate.

We're finally seeing an ease in restrictions, meaning garden parties and other meet-ups between 6 people or 2 households are allowed! To celebrate the occasion, we've put together our list of top tips for making the most of the next stage of lockdown lifting.

Spend a bit of time thinking about how to keep everyone safe - the government guidelines for this first stage say you should maintain two metre distancing where possible, so our top tips for a lockdown meet-up take this into account whilst trying to make it as fun as possible.

Make sure you check the gov website for up to date guidance before you bring everyone round!

Many of us may have been neglecting the better half of our wardrobe in favour of pyjamas and t-shirts this past year, so why not add some excitement with a dress code?

If you want to go all in on a theme, we love this list of party theme ideas from leading party planners!

What to wear?

Ask your friends to come in their favourite summer dresses for a real sense of occasion. You could even set a specific colour or theme for even more fun!

Nancy Satin Puff Sleeve Shirred Midi Dress in Ditsy Blue/ Red

Nolani Cotton Midi Dress in White

Laura Organic Cotton Maxi Dress in Khaki

If your garden furniture can't safely accommodate all your guests, consider blankets and pillows spread out for each guest.

Our kikoys and kikoy towels are perfect for doubling up as picnic blankets; layer over a couple for a more cushioned effect, or bring out your throw pillows for a luxurious setting.

Make the most of the event: create a nice ambience with soft lighting, fairy lights and candles when it gets darker, and put together a great playlist with songs for everyone. A hand sanitising station is also perfect for staying safe whilst having fun.

What to wear?

Stay comfy in our relaxed Harem trousers, perfect for lounging on the grass.

Kigoli Kikoy Towel in Turquoise

Harem Organic Cotton Trousers in Willow Leaf Pink/ White

Kijani Kikoy in Lime

Garden parties often include food, and a BBQ is a classic that we've all been missing. If you plan on having one, allow just one person to prep, cook and serve the food to reduce any risk of contamination.

If you don't want to fire up the grill, you could provide guests with their own mini picnic (or ask them to bring one themselves!). Providing recyclable cutlery and plates for everyone is a great option to keep safe and skip the washing up, or go zero waste by asking guests to also bring these from home.

What to wear?

If its looking like a forecast of April showers, opt for a classic jeans and a nice blouse.

Ilana Frill Organic Cotton Gauze Top in White

Gemma Wide Leg Crop Jeans in Off White

Carrie Organic Cotton Dobby Lace Blouse in Marina Blue

Drinks can be a tricky one to safely navigate, as many of us are used to sharing bottles, cocktail jugs etc which can be a risk.

Instead, keep an ice bucket stocked with cans your guests can grab instead of sharing jugs, and leave a recycling box out for empties!

Or, have some fun with a bit of DIY. We love this cocktail kit by The Cocktail Man - split up the ingredients beforehand and let your guests enjoy making their own drinks - just remember to cheers from a distance!

What to wear?

Get into the spirit by asking guests to come dressed as if they're going to a bar - we can all dream!

Alexa Satin Midi Dress in Pink/ Lilac

Elle Satin Puff Sleeve Blouse in Ditsy Floral Blue/ Red

Wrap Frill Midi Dress in Leopard Sea Blues

Whilst simply catching up and seeing each-other may be enough to keep the conversation going, it's never a bad plan to have some fun ideas up your sleeve.

Keep guests entertained with fun games across the garden - classic games such as Who Am I? will work well, or invent your own; why not try guess what hobby people picked up in lockdown based on their personality?

For keeping little ones entertained - or recreating the feeling of a girls movie night - a projector and screen can stream a film or show for everyone to watch together (just make sure it's dark enough!)

What to wear?

Make it the theme of your party by asking guests to come in their pyjamas and bring blankets!

Organic Cotton Pyjama Set in Leaf White/Blue

Coral Embroidered Organic Cotton T-shirt in White/ Teal

Organic Cotton Kimono/Kaftan in Flower Pink

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