The Aspiga Beach Clean Up Campaign

For World Oceans Day in 2019, we pledged to clean up a basket of plastic for every pair of Kenyan Sandals we sold between the months of May and July. The plastic is then collected is taken to the Eco World Plastics Recycling Centre in Watamu where it is weighed and recycled. We were so overwhelmed with the response and support from all of our lovely customers that we made the decision to carry on with our campaign.

Our wonderful team is lead by Mike (our sandal supplier) and 12 wonderful school children, who before being a part of our beach clean, were unable to afford going to school and were turned away every morning. We are so happy to be able to support them with their education and the children are thrilled to be a part of this fantastic inititive. Outside of our beach clean they are constantly encouraging the rest of the village to look after their environment and surroundings.

This year, our wonderful London team went down to the Battersea bank to carry out a local beach clean up and we hope to continue these throughout the year.

For World Earth Day, in 2022, we opened up this incentive to our shops and we were overwhelmed with the response.









Every decision we make is geared towards minimising the impact we have on the planet – as a business and individuals. So, from our production processes, to the materials and packaging we use, we’re always finding new ways to reduce our environmental footprint and sustain our future.