1. Aspiga is only able to undertake repairs to Aspiga branded clothing. We cannot repair footwear, leather goods, sunglasses, bags, belts and jewellery made by Aspiga or any brand.

2. All repairs are at Aspiga’s absolute discretion. Where Aspiga receives an item and judges it to be impossible or impractical to repair, we reserve the right to decline the product and shall return it to you.

3. Any item/s of clothing that need repair will be repaired free of charge within 6 months of purchase (subject to fair wear and tear). Any items of clothing over 6 months will be repaired at an agreed rate.

4. Fair wear and tear is excluded. If the product has normal signs of wear and tear, we will make a charge for the repair.

5. Proof of purchase required. Aspiga account records are accepted as valid proofs of purchase.

6. If an item is 6 months old or less and is inherently faulty, we will repair it for you free of charge, alternatively we will exchange it for the same item, something similar or give you a full account credit. We will also give you store credit against the postage cost to us if you can produce the postage bill (up to £8)

7. If an item is either intentionally or accidentally damaged (which also includes, but is not limited to moths, infestations or animal damage), a repair charge will be applied.

8. Aspiga will endeavour to have your item/s returned to you within 2-3 weeks, however if there is an issue, we will contact you.

9. Aspiga will charge for repairs in accordance with our service price list. However, if there is an additional cost we will notify you prior to proceeding. In this case, you will be informed of the cost within 5 working days of the item having arrived at the repair centre. You will have 10 days in which to decide whether to proceed with the repair, failing which Aspiga shall be entitled to return the product to you without repair.

10. Goods are returned to Aspiga at your own cost, and we recommend that you use a trackable return service. Aspiga’s liability for your returned item/s begins when we accept delivery. In the event of a dispute, it is your responsibility to prove that the item/s have been delivered to Aspiga.

12. No Aspiga offers, or discounts can be used in conjunction with our Repair Rewear service.

13. No Aspiga gift or credit can be used alongside this service

14. It is a condition of the Repair Rewear service that products should be sent in a clean and sanitary condition. We reserve the right to refuse to repair products that do not meet this condition and to return them to you.

15. You are advised to check pockets before sending items back to us. We will use all reasonable endeavours to return personal items to you, but cannot be held responsible if products are lost or damaged.

16. Aspiga reserves the right to sub‐contract repairs to a reputable repair company or to undertake them itself at its absolute discretion.

17. Aspiga is unable to repair garments with sequins and machine attached press studs.

18. Aspiga is currently only able to undertake repairs in the UK.

19. Aspiga cannot be held liable for any unclear, inaccurate, or misleading instructions. If you are in doubt as to what repairs are needed, please contact our Wilton Repair Centre on 07729 895587.

20. If you have sent an item for repair, and we are unable to repair this for you, we will give you an option to return it back to you free of charge or recycle it on your behalf.

21. Your personal data will be processed in accordance with our privacy notice. For further information or if you have any queries about how we process your personal data, please call customer services on 0207 627 5166 or email customerservices@aspiga.com.