Dog Collar Full Beaded | Silver

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Treat your fluffy friend with this stylish dog collar!
  • 100% Leather
  • Cut and sewn by hand
  • Hand-stitched beading. Glass beads (not plastic to minimise the impact on the environment).
  • Crafted in Kenya
  • Part of our sustainable fashion collection: supporting local artisans keeping their craft alive and helping to maintain their livelihood.
Product Details

Handmade in Kenya - all beadwork sewn by hand


Dog Collars Sizing


Size XS S M L XL
Length to first hole 24 CM
27 CM
35 CM 39 CM 43 CM
Length to middle hole 27 CM 31 CM 39 CM 42 CM 47 CM
Length to last hole 30 CM
35 CM
43 CM 46 CM 51 CM
Height 1.75 CM 2 CM 2.2 CM 2.5 CM 2.8 CM

We recommend size extra small for all toy dogs and small Terriers, small dog collars for Terriers, medium for Spaniels and large for Labradors.

The length of the dog collars is measured from below the buckle to the first, middle and last holes.

Please note these dimensions do vary due to these products being hand crafted.


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