January 2021


Firstly, I hope you are all well, safe and not presently suffering from the virus.

After taking a long deep breath and saying ‘here we go again’ I surprised myself by thinking ‘we’ve done it before we can do it again’ and I’ve been trying hard to concentrate on the positives; the vaccine is rolling out quickly and the snowdrops have started to poke their heads out of the soil, showing us that spring is on its way, which certainly helped us get through the last lockdown.

One of the things I think we have all realised, is it is the little things that can bring happiness right now and the bunch of daffodils I bought on Monday, are giving me so much happiness and the odd beautiful frosty start and sunny day seem such a treat.

We have proved that we are resilient, but many of us, members of our family or friends will go through ups and downs.

So please do remember that if you or anyone you know are suffering mentally at the moment, there are lots of amazing organisations out there that can help:

Mind (mind.org.uk)

Age Concern (ageuk.org.uk)

Samaritans (116 123)

I find it’s the little treats that keep me going, so at weekends buying something special like delicious cheese or spoiling chocolate always help!

The other thing that always makes me happy are my dogs. Those of you that follow us on Instagram, will have met the newest member of the Aspiga family, little Toula (now 13 weeks old).

She is very adventurous and sweet but not yet house trained! She seems to dislike the rain and cold as much as me (any tips of puppy training would be gratefully received). Great Aunt, Toto is beginning to tolerate her, I even found them curled up together the other night!


I started the new year with so many good intentions, as always! Sadly my Wim Hoff cold showers have been temporarily ditched, as it’s just too cold for me right now, but hopefully I will start them up soon! I still try to do a little yoga or exercise before I start work and love all the classes you can find on Instagram and YouTube. I also try to skip for a minute or two in between Zoom calls to get me away from the screen, and to encourage the puppy to come outside. It’s not as regular as it should be, as making a coffee or having a biscuit seems more appealing all too often!

Also, I bought myself a Christmas present of a TRX suspension trainer, to try to increase my upper body strength. It comes with an app to show you how to do it, I’ve attached it to the outside of my house and while waiting for my new puppy to do her business, I try do some pull ups etc. – let’s hope I end up as strong and toned as the trainers on the app!


I personally don’t set any anymore, as I never seem to be able to keep them, so I realise what works for me is small changes that I gently incorporate into my life, as I have too little willpower to go the whole hog.

Presently, I am trying to eat crisps less, so I am now making kale crisps most nights with lots of olive oil and salt. I am not sure if they are any better for me, but they are delicious!


Out To Lunch with Jay Rayner

In this fantastic podcast one of the world’s top food critics lunches big names in a restaurant (or currently with a takeaway) of his choosing. Crackling anecdotes and blistering chat, with guests such as Tim Minchen, Minnie Driver and Sharon Horgan.

Breath by James Nestor

I was given this book for Christmas and I have loved reading it and practicing my breathing. A revelatory account of how making minor alterations to the way we breathe can have huge benefits for health and wellbeing, it combines science with ancient customs that Nestor has discovered during his 10 year journey.


Arthouse Dark Chocolate

Arthouse Unlimited is an amazing charity that presents artistic talents of adults living with learning and physical difficulties who require varying levels of support. I was given one of their chocolate bars for Christmas and the wrapping was so very beautiful and the chocolate inside similarly beautiful. I have since been online and bought a few more, as they make great gifts and a treat to yourself and they also do lovely cards, skincare products, cups etc, Definitely worth a look and a shop.


Raw Dog Food by CotswoldRaw

Friends swear by this raw dog food, that gets delivered frozen to your door, stating the marked differences they noticed in their dogs. It is made of raw meat, bones, herbs and seasonal vegetables - all expertly developed to replicate a dog’s natural diet. My dogs are currently obsessed with it and both have shiny coats and lots of energy.


Wild Deodorant

I was introduced to Wild Deodorant by a friend. I have been buying sustainable deodorant in a cardboard applicator but it gets stuck and isn’t that user friendly. Wild Deodorant comes in a super cool Aluminium free container with compostable, plastic free refills.


Hot Bin Composter

For the last few years (since I no longer have a compost tip, long story…) I have been driving my compost down to my mother’s house each week to her tip, but last week I got organised and purchased a HotBin Composter, following a recommendation from my sister. HOTBINs are compact and occupy roughly the same space as a wheelie-bin. Steaming away at up to 60°c the HOTBIN speeds up your food and garden waste recycling producing compost in just 30-90 days.


Vitaclean Shower Head

This shower head is incredible, it not only makes the water softer (if you live in a hard water area) but it increases the pressure of your shower and at the same time apparently reducing water consumption by 25%, and it adds a Vitamin C shot including essential oil so you end up with a lovely smelling shower to. They are definitely worth a try .  



We have recently had a little revamp of our website and launched a new logo, do take a look and let me know you thoughts (lucy@aspiga.com), your feedback is always so welcome.

I hope you have received our Spring 2021 brochure which we have just sent out. If you haven’t received one and would like one then do email: customerservices@aspiga.com

Our Valentina Shirt Giveaway

We have been trying to share some love and kindness this lockdown. In case you missed our email; we are giving away two of our best-selling cotton & lace Valentina Shirts every week during this lockdown, no entry needed - we just pick two customers at random from our mailing list a week!

All we ask of the winner, is to let us know what act of kindness they have done in return. This is some of the lovely feedback:

‘My gift of kindness is baking cakes for some elderly patients at my doctor’s surgery in Bath.’

‘I think one of the greatest acts of kindness is to give your time: I call our single neighbours just to say hello or chat longer if they like, just to let them know they aren’t forgotten.'


I ran some LIVE sustainability interviews on Instagram before Christmas, with some of our favourites / celebrity customers:

Victoria Woodhall from Get the Gloss
Alexandra Dudley
Liz Earle
Emma Sims-Hilditch
Kelly Eastwood - The London Chatter

I really enjoyed learning some of their top tips on how to live a more sustainable life and following on from a tip from Emma Sims-Hilditch, I have recently bought 6 large jars of Biona Organic Tofu, to see me through January (quite a brave move when I have never been a huge fan of Tofu!!) she and her husband said it was their favourite and I have to say I am really getting into it.

To watch the interviews go to our Instagram and click on our IGTV tab and keep an eye on our Journal on the website for top sustainability tips. Or read some of their tips on our blogs.

We’d love to hear from you if there is anyone you think we should talk to so do let us know.

Stay safe and warm wishes

With love,