All About Merino Wool: Q&A with Our Design Team
We chat with the Design Team at Aspiga, and delve into the intricacies, inspirations, and aspirations that have woven together to create our Autumn/Winter collection. In this interview, we explore the benefits of Merino Wool used in the collection, staying true to Aspiga's commitment to sustainability.
Our Guide To Sustainable Cleaning
Credit: Style Caster   It's that time of year again where everyone is in the mood to give their homes a good spring clean. In this blog we explore some eco-friendly ways to help you clean your home, whilst minimising...
Plastic Free July - In Conversation with Heather Nicholson.
In honour of Plastic Free July, we spoke to the Founder of One Green Bottle about her quest for a more sustainable future.
11 Tips for Creating a Sustainable Garden
Sustainable gardening tips, from encouraging native plants to the surprising benefits of seaweed.
Our Latest Sustainability Update, From Lucy…
We’re finalists for The Drapers Sustainable Fashion Brand of the Year 2021!
How To Have A Eco-Friendly Christmas
With Aspiga founder Lucy Macnamara, fashion influencer Kelly Eastwood of London Chatter, and sustainability journalist Armelle Ferguson.
Top 30 Sustainable Gifts From Aspiga
Sustainable and ethical Christmas gift ideas for all the family! Check out our top 30 eco-friendly pressies from Aspiga.
How to have a more Sustainable Christmas
Here at Aspiga HQ we are always trying to reduce our waste 🌎 Did you know that around the Christmas period we generate around 30% more waste than at other times of the year? 😣 TV programmes such as Blue...
Aspiga’s tips on helping to eliminate single use plastics
Plastic pollution has hit public consciousness in a big way. Around the world governments, businesses and citizens are working to tackle the extraordinary amount of unnecessary plastic waste we throw out daily. We are passionate about this subject and the...
Beach Clean-up Campaign
Aspiga pledged to collect a basket of plastic from the beaches in Kenya for every pair of Kenyan sandals sold from May to the end of July this year. We are delighted that we sold 800 pairs in total. We...
Launching The Beach Clean
Press and influencers united to support the Aspiga beach clean initiative which launched this month. For every pair of Kenyan sandals, Aspiga will clear away one basket of plastic from Malindi beach in Kenya. The first beach clean happened on...
Voted One Of The Top 21 Best And Most Stylish Sustainable Fashion Brands by The Daily Telegraph
What is sustainable fashion? Click here to find out more about our sustainable approach to the fashion industry... SEE MORE POSTS
Aspiga Beach Clean Up
Our first clean up was done on the 5th June (World Environment Day) and we also completed a second one at the end of July The Clean Ups were done on Malindi Beach by the Marine Park in Kenya Through...
Bathroom Recycling
We’ve all got our recycling bins in our kitchens but do you have one in your bathroom? The majority of beauty products come packaged in plastic (an average pot containing moisturiser can take over 1000 years to break down) plastic...
Buying clothes with a conscience – Aspiga revisits the Livia Firth documentary | The True Cost
Fashion documentaries have been trending over the last few years, but Livia Firth’s documentary, The True Cost, which originally came out in 2015 had the aim of bringing a new light to the fast fashion business. Here at Aspiga we...
Eco Shop - Seahorse Sustainable Wipes
Soaring sales of wipes are contributing to a massive increase in debris on our beaches and in our sewer systems. The Marine Conservation Society’s recent report into sewage-related debris on our beaches revealed a 50% rise in wet wipes being...
Eco Shop - Go Bamboo Cotton Buds
Carrying on our mission to reduce plastic consumption especially single use, this issue we want to highlight the harmful effects of cotton buds on our planet.
Eco Shop - Bamboo Toothbrushes
Here at Aspiga HQ we are passionate about the environment and reducing plastic consumption and especially single-use plastic.